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Piclinks – Earn money from image links

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Last year, we saw a surge in fake image mosaics posted on Facebook. When a user looks at the images it shows as a regular image mosaic on opening which will open other images too. However, to our surprise, the images opened an external link to a website. On further investigation, we found that the strategy to post image links on social networks was to increase website traffic. So, we started looking for tools that help us create image links. We were able to find many tools, however, we found a website, Piclinks, that was paying us to make image links. That is what made us interested and we started using the tool and guess what?? We were able to make $80 in the first month and withdrawal process was smooth and payment was sent to Paypal immediately.

What is Piclinks?

Piclinks is an image link generator where a user can get image links for their websites. The links can further be posted to social networks like, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter etc.

For every unique visitor you get from the link will get you paid. Our link got around 10000 visitors from the United States and we made $80 for that.

How does it work?

The links will show advertisements to the user before opening your website link and Piclinks pay us a share of the advertisement revenue to us for the users we brought. You can also, choose not to show advertisements by going ads-free mode, where users will not be shown ads and you won’t earn anything. However, if you are looking to get website visitors this option is best for you.

How to get started with Piclinks?

The registration process is easy and fast. You just need to enter your email and verify it. Registration is done in a blink. You can then log in using the email address and the code sent to your email.

After login, you have to create an image link and start posting the links to the social networks, groups or pages that will bring visitors to your website and will also generate some bucks for you. Isn’t it cool?

What is the payout process?

The payout process is also simple. Once you reach the $50 threshold, you will be able to withdraw the earnings using PayPal. If you do not use Paypal, you may contact chat support to check for other payment methods.

The user is allowed to make the withdrawal request by the 8th of every month and the payment will be issued in 15 working days after that. Below is the payment proof.

Piclinks payment proof

How did we earn?

We generated image links on a regular basis and posted them on social networks, on our Facebook pages, in Telegram groups, and in Whatsapp groups. We made sure we receive an audience from tier 1 countries to generate the maximum income for ourselves.

How to use Piclinks?

Piclinks can be used in various ways to generate even more income. The ways that we have tested successfully.

  • Using image links along with Adsterra Direct links – When we send traffic to the direct link using Piclinks, we will earn from Piclinks and from Adsterra.
  • With Monetag Direct Link – Just like with Adsterra Direct link the same can be achieved using Monetag.

Piclinks is a good tool earn and to generate more traffic to the website. Plus it will help us earn some passive income.

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